After a crazy busy week it is so good to come home to an unexpected treat. Allow me to explain. When I got home from work today My husband and I were rushing to fix a part of the gutter that required someone to get on the ladder. We have a rule no one goes on a ladder alone. So as we are chasing daylight and get to this nuisance home repair I hear my teenage neighbor's voice. I turn to see him arriving in my driveway with a fresh Peach Crisp.

The backstory on this is that a few years back my neighbors planted a peach tree. It was actually a gift for their youngest son (The Crisp Delivery person) who want to grow peaches. They also got a blueberry bush but I am not quite sure how that turn out. The peach tree however has turned into a very productive plant. Last summer was the first good year for peaches. The crop was so abundant they posted pictures on social media asking if any of us neighbors wanted some I answer "most certainly". I love peaches.

They were planning peach pies and crisps for their harvest. I mentioned in my post that I don't bake but would love to have some just to eat. Or to throw in a glass of Prosecco. Much to my surprise the next day I received the most delicious peach crisp.

Fast forward to earlier this week when I noticed that the tree once again had great peach crop and it made me think of last year crisp. That thought must have traveled across the yard because with no advance notice I received a peach crisp tonight twice as big as last years. I have the best neighbors.

If you don't have neighbors with peaches you can certainly find peaches at a local farm stand. They are in season and I am sure if they have them fresh they also have them in a baked good or two. Try one of these great farms. Wallkill View in New Paltz, Wright's Farm in Gardiner or Weeds Orchard & Winery in Marlboro.

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