What's the last "normal" thing you did before COVID?

As we approach the one year anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been reminded, thanks to our social media pages, of the last thing we did before everything stopped. I can remember thinking that a 14 day quarantine won't be so bad. I remember saying that it might be good to have a few weeks of nothing to do, a few weeks NOT A YEAR!..LOL!

The last thing I remember doing was DJing a wedding at the Grand in Poughkeepsie. I'll never forget it because almost half of the guest didn't show up for the reception because of COVID. I felt awful for the bride, BUT we had a hell of a party with that guest that did come and I still hear from some of the guests that were there about how much fun they had.

Jess remembers getting dumped by a some guy a few weeks before the shutdown and going out to dinner with a few friends and having a little to much to drink, so much that she wound up throwing up...LOL!

The Hudson Valley had a ton of memories to share with us through the Wolf app including, Ali in Accord, who texted us, "Went on my first cruise January 2020 for my sister's wedding." Michelle texted, "Can't really remember what I did, however I do remember winning Lady A tickets from you guys last year because my bf and I are both celebrating bdays on St. Patrick's Day!!" Lisa in Hopewell Junction texted, "Good morning! On Feb. 14th I went to the Eagles concert at MSG and then Feb 28th I saw Sebastian Maniscalco at the Civic Center. Then On March 1st I was sick for 3 weeks with Covid."

Jen from Rhinebeck texted, "Last thing I did before covid... went to galleria to enter your scavenger hunt contest to win trip to Disney." OMG! That was one of the biggest disappointments for us last year. We finally got to give a trip to Disney and BOOM a pandemic breaks out! UGH! We are working on doing a similar giveaway soon so keep listening...LOL!

If you'd like to share the last awesome thing you did B.C., Before COVID, call or text us through the Wolf app.

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