We're calling it the "Valleyonian"!

Earlier this week we got talking on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about a friend of mine from Pennsylvania, who was telling me about her favorite sandwich. It's a peanut butter, butter and mayo sandwich that she claims is one of the best things she's ever eaten. Don't think I even want to think about trying it, but it got us thinking that we need some sort of sandwich that us Hudson Valley residents can call our own.

New York is known for a few food things that people from other parts of the world have never heard of. The one most of us think of first is the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. If you travel to another state and try to order it, most places will look at you like you have 4 heads...LOL! What do they know! NOTHING!

After talking on the air about how we don't have a sandwich that is Hudson Valley exclusive, we started to get messages from folks that wanted to share there suggestions as to what should be on the "valleyonian". We've taken all the messages and combined them to create a masterpiece that you might want to make up this weekend. Here's what you'll need....

Loaf of Italian bread
Peanut butter
Hudson Valley apple slices
Hudson Valley honey
Maple Bacon
Everything but the bagel seasoning
Hellman's Mayo or butter (if you plan on toasting)

I'm going to make it a BIG sandwich, so I'm cutting the loaf of bread down the middle, sloping some peanut butter on both sides. Then gentle put some fresh apple slices all over. Next add the cooked maple bacon on top of the apples, then go crazy spraying everything but the bagel seasoning all over. To top it off take your Hudson Valley honey and drizzle over everything. Cut and serve!

If you want to make a smaller version and fry it you can do that as well, just cut the bread into smaller pieces and use mayo or butter on the outside like you would a grilled cheese. After sharing our recipe on the air we got a text from "B-Fran" who said, "OMG- We are totally on the same wave length! The only difference to the sandwich I had was at the apples were poached in New York Wine. Also I chose a New York cheese instead of the peanut butter. And I thought it should be on an apple cider doughnut."

OH YES!! An apple cider donut could make all the difference! If you try any of these recipes this weekend, PLEASE text us how they came out!

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