Have you ever heard of this?

My friend Sue and I were talking the other day on the phone and somehow in our conversation we got talking about food and how she was starving and needed to make something to eat. I told her I would let her go so she could eat and she told me to hang on she was going to make a quick sandwich. So like anyone I asked her what she was gonna make and that's where she blew my mind.

She said she was making a peanut butter, butter and mayonnaise sandwich. After a little pause, I said "you're making a what?" She proceeded to tell me how its one of the best sandwiches she's ever had. I had so many questions, like is it toasted? (no) how to do you make it?(peanut butter on one side, butter on the other and mayo on both), and how in the heck did you come up with it?

Being from Pennsylvania, she told me she thinks it's a big thing in the state of PA. It must be because I've never heard of it, have you? As soon as I mentioned this on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we got overwhelmed with sandwich combo's that we've never heard of or tried.

Miz texted us, "Peanut butter with bananas and Nutella put it together and put it in a pan like you would with grilled cheese. Amazing!!!!!" Geri in Circleville texted, "Chip buttie = French fries on white buttered bread with salt & ketchup." BF texted, "Butter sliced bananas and sugar on white bread." Karen from Wappingers called us to tell us to try pepperoni slices smeared with peanut butter, she said, "My friends think I'm crazy cause I love them!"

Have a "different" sandwich you enjoy eating? Call or text us your concoction through the Wolf app. I'll update this article with some of the responses later today so we all have a place to look when we are feeling daring for lunch.

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