They're baaaack. Okay, so they haven't really left, but if you take a look around you'll probably find a stink bug nearby.

Don't worry, it's not just you. Stink bugs are in full force this time of year. According to Pest.Org stink bugs are currently looking "for warm places to escape the chilly winter months. So they naturally search for tiny spaces to lead them indoors toward more comfortable temperatures."

Luckily, stink bugs are just a nuicence. Unlike termites, they don't pose any type of threat to your home. However, they are called stink bugs for a reason. If there is an overwhelming scent of corriander in your home then you likely have a stink bug infestation.

Pest.Org has a few suggestions if you're looking to get rid of the stink bugs in and around your home.

  • Wash your Plants
  • Vacuum Often
  • Seal Entryways
  • Plant Distracting Crops ( Stink Bugs are attracted to the color yellow)
  • Care For Your Crops.

They also share a DIY stink bug repelant recipe:

  • Water
  • Dish Soap
  • Lavander Oil

Put all 3 ingredients in a bottle and shake. Then, apply to your plants.

What are you stink bug hacks? Have you seen them out this year? Let us know on Facebook.

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