The Band Perry has a secret weapon that's contributed to their massive success. It's the woman who brought them into this world, and who still cheers them on to this day: their mom.

Mama Perry is invested in her kids, and she wants to see them showing their talent to the best of their abilities. So, she does what mamas do best: she tells her kids what to do.

Kimberly says, “If you ever see our mother during a show she’ll be back by the sound board, and usually she’s on her iPhone.  It’s not that she’s not paying attention, but she’s taking notes from the show.  Because let me tell ya, before everybody goes to bed in the bunks at night, we’re gonna be reviewing those notes.”

Neil adds, “She’s like a coach for the Band Perry and she does a good job. For the past 15 years she’s done that.” The trio have the weekend off, so they'll have time to thank their mother this Mother's Day.

Marie Perry helps add to the overall aesthetic of the show, and TBP details what type of notes she takes; they're actually pretty detailed. Reid explains, “It’s funny, she’ll read through her notes and it’ll be things like, ‘K.P., sing this line clearer; Neil go here during this one; Steve (Dad), mow the lawn.’”

As for what she tells her long-haired son to do, he laughs that she doesn't really give him any notes. But, his big sister Kimberly corrects him, saying their mom often says, "Reid, keep your hair out of your face." Sounds like something every mom would say!

Look for a tribute to Mama Perry on the 'Pioneer' album. It's called 'Mother Like Mine.'

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