I'm blaming  my antics on the short work week, "vacation mode" and the internet in general.

Last week a Thanksgiving challenge went viral. The #TurkeyChallenge took off on social media after "millennials" would text their mother and ask her how long it would take to microwave a 25 pound turkey. Mothers and cooks around the world were freaking out and their reactions made for some great laughs on social media.

While the #TurkeyChallenge was hilarious. I tried to start a new Thanksgiving prank of my own.

Since it's Thanksgiving Eve, most of the "millenial" generation will be out getting drunk on the biggest drinking night of the year. Wouldn't it be fun to trick your friends and-or your kids into thinking you signed them up for a 5K or Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning?

I had some fun at my friends expense in 3 parts.

Part 1: Confusion

1 edit2


Part 2: Excuses


Part 3: Acceptance


If you're bored tonight, tell your friends you signed them up for a 5K that's non refundable. Lets the fun begin and Happy Thanksgiving!

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