When it comes to proposals, people always want to know.  Was it romantic?  How did he do it?

I had always wanted to propose in NYC around Christmas time when it was snowing and either while we were on a horse and carriage ride or right after then when we got back to our hotel room, in front of the fire in our room.

Big dreams but it was the ultimate way I thought.  My now wife had informed me that she didn't want to get engaged in December because it was cliche.

It was still in front of a fire but in my house, with a glass of wine in October.

My story is kind of boring but one guy, really put me to shame.

He decided that he wanted to propose to his high school sweetheart and for 6 months he re-animated the movie 'Sleeping Beauty' to include a proposal scene but in reality it was him.

You can watch the epic video HERE


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