Today I'm all about Mexican and Spanish food and celebrating Cinco de Mayo. If you happen to listen to the show from time to time you would know that I absolutely love churros. They're my favorite dessert.
Churros if you're not familiar are fried dough pastries covered in cinnamon sugar and sometimes cream filled. To top things off, you usually dip churros in chocolate or caramel. They're literally the best dessert in the world. According to some sources you can actually have churros with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Anyhow, one of our listeners (thanks Heather!) left me a recipe to try for Cinco de Mayo. It's called Sopapilla and it looks magical.


Basically, it's a churro cheesecake bar takes about an hour to make. Guess what I'm doing tonight? Making Sopapilla and not sharing with CJ at all. Don't worry, they're will be a video and pictures to follow on Monday morning.

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