We all watched the game. Or at least most of us did. And we all watched the commercials. I have to say from the start that this year's collection of ads was superior to last years hands down. I had so many favorites I had to break them into categories just to make sure I could include all the spots that I thought were really great.

So here are my picks.

Best Auto ad goes to RAM Trucks. The Viking ad was funny.

But Martin Luther took the top spot in my opinion.

The Funniest ad this year was tough to pick. There were a lot of choices. The fact that the Google people could laugh at themselves with the Alexa replacement was hilarious.

And the E*Trade old folks were awesome.

But I believe the Funniest Award goes to Sprint and the Artificial Intelligent Co Workers.

So many of the ads this year were emotional. The Hyundai ad with the Hope Dector, And the Mass Mutual ad with the people who have helped above and beyond. But two stand out over the all. The Toyota ad for the Paralympics titled Good Odds.

And the Budweiser Ad for Water - Stand By You

Overall I thought most of the ads made the game worth watching. After all none of my teams made the big dance so I needed a reason to stayed tuned. A final mention has to go to Tide who must have spent the most money and who managed to air every type of ad you could imagine. They definitely get the award for most effort and some of the ads were really clever.

Congrats to all the Philly fans on a big win!

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