Every year I watch the Big Game for the Big Ads, what happen this year? Where were all the thought provoking ads that you feel were worth all the money they spent. I feel like the Grinch - It came without puppies, it came with out babies and if it wasn't for a NetFlix special ad it would have come without Monkeys.

I am sitting post Super Bowl thinking that the half-time show might have been the highlight of the whole game. Remember the E-Baby, or the Budweiser Frogs. Even the Clydesdales only had one ad and if it wasn't for Bob Dylan it might not have made my list.

So what were the only commercials that I thought brought it this year.

Budweiser - Clydesdales - I love the idea that they are using wind power.

Toyota - Toni Harris - This girl needs to make it to the NFL

Stella Artois - Change Up - "Carrie"/ (Sarah) is age defying she always looks fabulous.

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer - This one gets the Tops for Clever.

But my favorite goes to Kia and their "Paul Harvey" type child narrator

Kia - Not Famous - Telluride

So those are my pick for top 5. I hope next year my Saints make it and someone brings back puppies, babies and monkeys to the Super Bowl. And hey why not a Country Artist for the Halftime Show, just sayin'.


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