The week before the Super Bowl is always a busy one at our house, regardless of which teams are playing, although the NY Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers are always favorites. For me, it's all about the food and the commercials. I usually start planning the menu of finger foods and 'snackies', as we call them at our house, right after celebrating the new year. I also start looking on-line or watching morning talk shows to catch glimpses of some the new commercials set to air during the game.

This year, once again, some advertisers have outdone themselves. Here's a few of my favorites of the ones I've seen so far.

Snickers seriously brought it this year with this spot featuring Willem Dafoe.


Kevin Hart doesn't mess around when it comes to dating his daughter and Hyundai helps out.


Who knew that Helen Mirren drank beer? Kudos to Budweiser for not mincing words.


Avocados from Mexico look to have a good year with a space themed commercial.