The storms that came through the Hudson Valley today definitely left a mark. These photos are courtesy of Newburgh/Middle Hope resident Cathy Buchak. She shot the video at the bottom of this article from her car, which she was stuck in while the storm rolled through her neighborhood. After the storm, she and her neighbors surveyed the damage. Fortunately, most everyone was able to ride out the worst of it in their homes so it seems that everyone in this part of town was unhurt.

Middle Hope / Newburgh

As you can see from the photos, the neighborhood trees were no match for the storm that came through with the late afternoon weather that struck not only Newburgh but up and down the Hudson Valley Region Tuesday afternoon.

Accounts of local tornadoes are being reported and many area neighborhoods look similar to what you see in these photos.

A full recap of the storms and what they left in their path will be available at Hudson Valley Post.

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