It's been a week since we've lost one of our Hudson Valley heroes.

In the early morning hours of March 23, 2021, a fire blazed through the Evergreen Court Home for Adults on Lafayette Street in Spring Valley. Sadly, Spring Valley firefighter Jared Lloyd lost his life while trying to clear the building. Two other firefighters were hospitalized.

One of those firefighters took to social media to recount those last few hours on the scene with Lloyd.

Eric Cich shared his emotional experience from that fateful day as he recovers from his injuries, writing the following:

While I sit here in hospital bracelets and leftover adhesive from the injection sites. It still doesn't feel real. Tones dropped that night and you could hear it in 44s voice it wasn't good...

Cich continues and describes getting their orders on the scene. He remembers then, his last interaction with Lloyd.

That was it, the last time I saw you, in the lobby. I headed up the stairwell one last time met up with Kev for reports of a trapped party on the 3rd floor, I may have said see you up there or meet you up there I can't remember.


The smoke was thick, making the rescue efforts extremely difficult for the firefighters in the building. Cich writes:

I sucked my mask right to my face and had to ditch it. I pulled it off and pulled my hood up over my face and tried to move forward,.....the smoke was too much...and that was when I heard your mayday. ... I was helpless.

The heartfelt post ends with Cich describing how while he was "inches" from his own death, that Lloyd's mayday call saved his life.

I love you brother I think your Mayday saved my life....and I will never forget you and I will live and be the best damn firefighter I can be where ever that takes me.

You can view pictures of Cich and Lloyd, along with their Spring Valley Fire Department brothers and sisters, on Cich's Facebook page. If you would like to donate to Jared Lloyd's family, there has been a GoFundMe account set up to help Jared's wife and children.

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