The winter weather has arrived leaving behind a trail of ice and slush. Of course, property owners and town municipalities have been on top of it salting the grounds to keep residents from slipping while walking and keeping the roads driveable.

However, that salt could be dangerous for our 4 legged friends.

Ice Melt Salt a Hazard to Pets in The Winter

We're so grateful for our salters, but if you're walking your pup on a road or walkway that has had salt applied to it proceed with caution. As we know, when ice or water reacts with ice-melt salt it creates a chemical reaction.


In turn that chemical reaction can cause intense irritation to a dog's paw pads making it uncomfortable to walk. I learned the hard way with my pup after he stepped on salt and then onto the cold melted snow.

How to Prevent Paw Irritation During a Hudson Valley Winter

After I saw my dog in so much pain after coming in contact with ice-melt salt, I did some research.  If you're anything like me and hoping to keep your dog happy during the colder months here are some suggestions.

According to the American Kennel Club, rubbing paw balm on your dog's paw pads will help minimize the dry skin and damage salt can cause." When you come in from the walk they suggest reapplying the balm. That balm is great for year-round paw protection.


Carrying a towel around with you is another easy fix if paw balm isn't in your budget. AKC adds "If you have concerns about salt, consider dipping each paw in a bucket of lukewarm water and then towel drying."

If your dog can handle it, buying booties for their paws is a great way to keep your dog's paws out of harm's way in the wintertime. As always, the AKC reminds pet owners if "it’s too cold for you, chances are it’s too cold for your dog, too. "

Learn more bout wintertime pet safety and other ways to protect your dog from dangerous weather at 

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