What is it about winter weather and snacking? The two go together as if they depend on each other. I can't remember the last time it snowed and I didn't pack in snacks. So when my husband and I went shopping this weekend we added snacks to the list because we knew that with snow coming we were going to give ourselves permission to eat and snack at will.

We set out in the chip aisle of a quest for popcorn. This might sound strange that we were craving popcorn but we don't eat it a lot anymore due to the fact that our dog is addicted to it and it really isn't good for her. We have an air popper and as soon as it goes on she is underfoot hoping to catch a stray pop. For that reason we don't make popcorn anymore. It seems mean to make it, have the whole house smell of popcorn  and then not let her have any, so we resort to getting the bag. She seems to be less interesting in pre-popped popcorn.

So that brings me back to the snack aisle where we were hunting for just the right bag of popcorn for our snow day snack. It seemed every type was white cheddar and we just wanted butter. Lucky for us the "Wise" man was in the aisle stocking and realized we were searching for something and obviously needed help. Turns out he had a big box of the butter popcorn he was opening to stock the shelf but before he let us know he had the kind we wanted he was trying to get us to try just about everything else.

Don't get me wrong we loved the helped and all the snacks were snow storm worthy but we had our hearts set on Buttered Popcorn. He even when so far as to try and talk us into his brand of cheese doodles. After his repeated efforts to get us to change our mind he finally handed over the bag and we ended up getting a Sea Salt flavor as well because at that point we just want to eat the popcorn.

On a side note I wish we had taken the Cheese Doodles because Tuesday is National Cheese Doodle Day and we would have been ready. Now if I want to celebrate I will need to go back to the snack aisle. The dilemma then will be puffy doodles or crunchy doodles. Snack decisions are never easy.

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