What is it about the Fall that has us all looking for signs of Winter? It seems as soon as the temperature turns here in the Northeast we start thinking about the winter weather. We find ourselves looking for the signs that are suppose to predict what we should expect.


The funny thing about some of these sign we are using to predict our winter weather are based in a bit of folklore. I have always heard about the Acorn Theory, lots of acorns means lots of snow. It turns out that is not based in fact. Findanyanswer.com really does a good job of clearing up that rumor but it also list a few other things that are also based in folklore that people say can predict a bad winter.

I decided before I put all the myths and folklore to bed I should also consult the Farmer's Almanac. Turns out they have an even longer list of things that predict bad winter weather. However they also state that it is folklore.

So instead of us guessing I say let's put the folklore method to the test. Checkout the list of things that could predict a bad winter that I discovered with both the Farmer's Almanac and findanyanswer.com. Then as you are out and about this fall let's take note of what we see and try to figure out if any of the 15 things pictured below actually predicted our winter weather this year.

Here is What to lookout for

15 Signs That Winter Will be Bad

These are apparently signs that tell us to expect a rough winter. Yes, they are wrapped in much folklore but who's to say they aren't true. I say we spend the next few weeks in the Hudson Valley seeing if we can predict our winter weather based on these 15 signs from nature.

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