Welcome to our weekly group therapy session we call "We Gotcha Wednesday".

Every Wednesday we dim the lights and light a candle in the Wolf studio and grab an email from a fellow Wolf listener to try and help them with an issue or problem they're trying to deal with. Some weeks it's not very serious, other weeks it can get a little heated and this week I think our email falls somewhere in between.

An lady who would like to remain anonymous wrote to us,

"My mother-in-law has lived with us since late January and let me start by saying we had no problem letting her live here, but it’s now taking a huge toll on me. Let me explain, she likes to watch TV all day, she will sit in the basement, which is my in-house retreat, and watch TV from when she wakes up until she goes to bed. She doesn't lift a finger at all to help around the house and doesn’t help with our kids unless my husband or I make a big deal about it. We HAVE talked to her about it a few times with no change to anything. She pays no bills here. My husband said we should cut the internet to the basement so she can’t watch anything and will start helping us around the house. Cutting the internet, a good idea or is there another way to get my MIL to do stuff around the house?"

Not sure if cutting the internet is the best way to go about handling this because I think it will only make things worse, right? I say just keep saying what's bothering you to her as many times possible and hopefully after the 100th time she gets the point and starts helping out.

Do you have any advice for the lady to deal with her MIL? Call or text us your advice through the Wolf mobile app.

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