If one diets, should the other too?

After talking all morning about some of our favorite fair foods we quickly shifted gears to talking diets and how hard it is to lose weight. If you're anything like me, you've started to come out of COVID quarantine and noticed that you've packed on some extra pounds. I think some are calling it the COVID fifteen..LOL?

Now that gyms have been given the green light to reopen across the Hudson Valley, I've officially run out of excuses to drop a few pounds, so back to the gym I go. Wish me luck!!! If you also find yourself in the " I NEED TO DIET" crowd, I wish you luck with dropping a few because I know how hard it can be.

It can be even harder if you're in a relationship, right? Especially if the person that your with doesn't really need to lose any weight. So how does one diet it a situation like that?

I know that when I was younger and trying to lose any weight while living with my parents, my step dad would always mess with me and break out like a giant Tupperware bowl each night and put together the largest ice cream sundae he could and eat it right in front of me. He would make those eating sounds like, "OOOHH" and "AHHHH" as he would devour it. Yeah, not very nice..LOL!

If your significant other is trying to lose weight should you also give up the foods you love to help them with their goals? Do partners need to diet together? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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