One Hudson Valley fiancé is giving her groom-to-be a hard time with his groomsmen choices and he's looking for some advice.

At least once a week on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do what we can to help out a fan of the show with an issue or problem they may be dealing with, Sometimes the problem is a small one, other times it's a serious one. This week we try to help out Adam who emailed us about the bridal party drama he's experiencing with his soon-to-be wife.

Adam wrote, "My fiancé is telling me who can and can't be in my side of the bridal party. One of my close friends happens to be my ex-girlfriend's brother. My fiancé says that when she sees my friend, it reminds her of me being with my ex-girlfriend. She claims this will ruin her "perfect day." I think she is being ridiculous. She was pretty adamant about him not being in the bridal party. She says he can come to the wedding but only as a guest. I really want him on my side of the bridal party but don't want to fight with my fiancé before our big day. HELP! What should I do? Adam"

I'm not sure if Adam is going to like what everyone has been saying all morning long but it seems that just about everyone who has called or texted us about Adams drama has pretty much said the same thing. If this is such a big deal to his fiancé, Adam you may want to RUN!!

Kate texted us, "Wedding drama: I think that his fiancée needs to grow up. He probably has been friends with his ex’s brother for the entire time of his relationship with his fiancée and she is just now having an issue with the ex’s brother? C’mon now." Danelle from Warwick texted, "She's being awful. My ex's sister was our photographer because she was one of the few people I trusted to take good pics. It's not like he's inviting the ex to the bridal party. She needs to get over it."

Now I would never tell someone to make such a big decision like run over something like this, but I do agree that if they can't figure this out peacefully before the big day, there might be some similar things that pop up in the future. I hope I'm wrong but it seems like control is a big thing for the future Mrs. Adam. Good lick my friend and side note, WHY didn't you ask me to DJ your wedding......LOL!

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