After a hot and humid afternoon throughout the Hudson Valley, the line of storms we watched develop off to our west are now knocking on our door here in the Hudson Valley.

The National Weather Service issued a severe Thunderstorm Watch this afternoon for all of the Hudson Valley until midnight tonight. These storms could contain strong winds and heavy rainfall.

While this watch remains in effect, some counties are now under a Severe Thunderstorm warning. Northeastern Ulster, Northern Dutchess, and Southwestern Columbia County are under this warning until 9 pm. Radar is indicating a storm with 60 mph winds and pea sized hail moving east at 35 mph. Damage to trees and power lines could happen.

In addition, the National Weather Service is also warning residents to be alert for a possible tornado, as they could develop quickly within these storms. If you spot a tornado, please go to your basement or central room in your home.

If you see severe weather developing in your area, please take cover and be safe before you report your conditions to the National Weather Service.

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