Self driving semi trucks are now being tested at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

For some reason this scares me a bit. I can't imagine driving on 84 and looking over and seeing one of these.

According to WNYT, the test rigs from the outside look like any other big rig, but once you hop on board it turns into something that some people might compare to something out of the movies with the push of a button.

This kinda cool project is being conducted by the Southwest Research Institute, along with several other research organizations.

Southwest Research Institute Manager of Research Chris Mentzer told WNYT that, "I think 90 percent of all accidents are caused by human error, and so robots don't get sleepy or tired or drunk or anything like that."

The end goal is to make our streets safer.

These organizations are also working along side the U.S. Department of Transportation to create guidelines for developing automated vehicle technologies.

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