The perfect restaurant doesn't exis...Stop that thought. The perfect restaurant does exist and it's in Ulster County!

At least that's according to a popular chef with a successful food truck, movie, and Netflix show under his belt.

Culinary Grad, Netflix Chef Returns to the Hudson Valley

If you're a foodie, you're probably familiar with the name Chef Roy Choi. For those not familiar the California-based chef graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and from there hit the ground running creating some amazing food and Hollywood inspiration.

Choi is best known for as the creator of the Korean-Mexican taco truck Kogi. The movie Chef (starring Jon Favreau, who also directed the film) is said to be loosely based on Choi's life and the food truck movement. Favreau and Choi then teamed up to work on the Netflix series The Chef Show where the 2 personalities go around trying food and interviewing different chefs. The show aired on Netflix until 2020.

Chef Choi has been busy writing a book and traveling all across the world trying different foods and food vlogging along the way. His most recent stop brought him back to the Hudson Valley visiting some of our favorite restaurants for a quick bite to eat.

Chef Roy Choi Dubs Kingston Restaurant Perfect?

It's been a cold and wet January so far and Chef Choi stopped by for a local meal to warm him right up. The Netflix Chef grabbed a couple of dogs at Dallas Hot Weiners in Kingston, NY.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The hot dogs were topped with Dallas Hot Weiner's infamous sauce and paired with a soda, chocolate shake, and onion rings. But what's impressive is that in the vlog that Choi posted to social media, he called Dallas Hot Weiners the perfect restaurant.

He captioned the video with the following:

They say the perfect restaurant doesn't exi...
This is Dallas Hot Weiners.
Good to be back upstate.

From what I gather, that's calling it perfect...right? Chef Choi takes a bite of the Dallas Hot Weiner and his facial expression confirms what we all already know...Dallas Hot Weiners is indeed perfect.

Watch his vlog below:

Is anyone else craving a hot dog now?

Chef Choi Films Mini Hudson Valley Food Vlog Tour

Dallas Hot Weiners was just the latest stop for Choi. Over the last few months, he's made several stops in the Hudson Valley.

Here's what restaurants Chef Choi has visited so far across the region:

Dallas Hot Weiners, Kingston
Eveready Diner, Hyde Park
Del's Dairy and Creamery, Rhinebeck

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Sawyers Ice Cream, Saugerties
Jolly Cow, Lake Katrine
Cherries, Stone Ridge
Boice Bros. Dairy, Kingston
PhoོTibet, New Paltz
Hudson Packard, Poughkeepsie
Historic Village Diner, Red Hook

He's received some great recommendations already. But there are so many great local restaurants in the Hudson Valley. Where would you send Chef Choi next?

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