For kids, going to the doctors can be an unpleasant experience. But one doctor made a young patient’s visit a fun experience with a rap.

In a viral video titled "Rapping Staff Sergeant," a young girl’s foot is placed in a cast and the doc gives the patient some instructions on how to take care of it.

Over an instrumental that uses the famous breakbeat 'It’s a New Day' by the Skull Snaps, the rapping sergeant spits a 'Cast Rules Jingle' to warn his patient to not get the cast wet.

"Don’t hate, just elevate / Don’t sign the papers to send me to Ricki Lake / Just elevate for 15 minutes / If that don’t work you can come back to the clinic," he raps.

Honestly, the young lady doesn’t seem to be impressed with his rhymes.

Either way, we hope she paid attention to the doctor’s words -- it seems that cast rules everything around him.

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