It is not unusual to hear about a farm animal wandering around the Hudson Valley. Stray cows, a runaway pig or two, and just a week or so back there was a horse on Route 302 in Pine Bush. Farm animals like our dogs and cats sometimes wander away from home on an adventure. After all, the grass is always greener, right? Yeah, I went there.

So I don't think you would be surprised if I told you about a sheep, more specifically a ram that was spotted hanging around in a backyard end of last week. Turns out the man who lives in the home stopped back in the middle of the day and while looking out the kitchen window he spotted a very happy and healthy-looking sheep standing in his backyard.

Sheep spotted but Still Missing in East Fishkill, New York

PC: Nora Spivak Marvullo
PC: Nora Spivak Marvullo

All of this took place last Thursday (November 10th, 2022) in the Wiccopee area. The man shared the news with his wife who shared a picture of the sheep on social media and mentioned that they have seen many animals in their yard before but this was a first. She then took to the phone calling area farms to see if anyone was missing a ram.

Sheep Spotted in June on the Appalachian Trail by Hiker

Comments started coming in about the sheep, people concerned, people hoping to locate its home and one person shared a story from a Facebook hiking group where someone had spotted a very similar-looking animal while traveling the Appalachian Trail back in June.

PC: Scott Jarvis
PC: Scott Jarvis

I began thinking like Jennifer who was the person who shared the post, could this possibly be the same sheep? Could this ram have been on the lam since June? I reached out to Jennifer who led me to Scott the person who had seen a sheep in June while hiking. He had posted the comment below in an Appalachian Trail Group.

This morning on my hike down to the Appalachian Market at US 9 + NY 403 I saw what appeared to be a big horn sheep on trail. I stopped and waited for him to move and he initially kept going north then stopped again. I thought he might want to go south, so I stepped off trail. That’s when he ran past me. Wanted to post this because I don’t believe they are native to this area and was wondering if he had gotten loose from somewhere. (Scott via Facebook)


I wanted to use Scott's photos in this article along with some videos he took. I reach out he agreed to let me share his sighting he was fascinated that this could possibly be the same sheep.

Marshmallow is Missing and the East Fishkill Police Need Your Help

Since this missing sheep story started there have been a few developments. Unfortunately, the sheep has not returned to Nora's yard, however, we now know that the sheep most likely is not the sheep that Scott saw in June. That is just a weird coincidence. The sheep spotted recently is named Marshmallow and his owner has been located but Marshmallow has not. After leaving the backyard Marshmallow has not been spotted in the neighborhood.

The farm where Marshmallow lives is asking for people in the Wiccopee area, specifically Lime Kiln/East Hook Cross Road/Shenandoah side to keep an eye out, and if your spot him please call the East Fishkill Police Department (845) 221-2111 they are in contact with the owner.

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