We often joke that we have different kinds of traffic jams in the Hudson Valley and yesterday (November 1, 2022) on Route 302 in Pine Bush, NY was a perfect example.

Jayme Uberto who shared the video below with me said he was on his way to work when he spotted a horse coming at him in the other lane of traffic. It was around 7:45 AM when Jayme took a double take and then realized nope there actually is a horse walking down the middle of the road appearing to obey all traffic laws except he may have been traveling a bit under the speed limit.

Horse on Route 302 Tuesday Morning in Pine Bush, NY

Turns out Chance had decided to take himself for a stroll as you can see in Jayme's video below.

Once the video was posted to social media the comments started flooding in which is how I was able to confirm that the horse's name is Chance and yes he did wander out of Juckas Stables to talk himself on an early morning walk.

No one will ever know where Chance was headed because he was eventually rounded up by the Town of Crawford Police and returned to Juckas Riding Stables located at 1204 Route 302 in Pine Bush. Most likely he was just out for a morning snack and thought the grass looked greener down the road. Maybe he was off to a nearby apple orchard. Either way lucky for Chance it all ended without any incident.

Chance via Juckas Riding Stables Facebook
Chance via Juckas Riding Stables Facebook

I reached out to Juckas Riding Stables who did confirm that Chance had taken himself for a walk. The Crawford Police confirmed that Office Sudol on their staff was the officer who assisted in getting Chance back home. And Jayme needless to say had a pretty interesting for when he finally got to work. I am just glad it all ended well.

Animals Spotted on Hudson Valley Highways

This is a good reminder that on Hudson Valley roads whether they are state routes, back roads, or highways you need to keep an eye out. Bear, deer, now moose, and bobcats have all been spotted in our roadways. Flocks of turkey, the occasional cow, pig, and even a horse or two have been spotted.

If you have a farm near your house it is always a good idea to stay alert. And if you encounter an animal that appears to be out of place like Chance please call law enforcement right away so they can assist in getting the animal back home.

Where to go Trail Riding in the Hudson Valley

If you would like to meet Chance the Commuter contact Juckas Riding Stables in Pine Bush they offer horseback riding and they are an event venue. They offer trail rides, a riding program, and kids' summer camp. They even have an onsite petting Zoo. They can be reached at (845) 361-1429

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