An entire town was covered in white supremacist propaganda, but you probably didn't even notice.

The City of Beacon was targeted by hate groups earlier this year. According to A Little Beacon Blog, hundreds of racist and anti-semitic posters were placed on every telephone pole and lamp post on Main Street in Beacon. The posters were from a white supremacist group that was recruiting new members and sharing their message of hate and intolerance.

The reason why most people never even saw the posters was because two citizens, who wish to remain anonymous, spent an entire day ripping them down. It wasn't a very easy task, either. The massive amount of signs were put up with glue or poster paint, making them extremely hard to remove. Taking them down took 12 hours, but when the duo was finished, there were no more posters anywhere on Main Street.

According to data released this week, white supremacist propaganda efforts have been significantly on the rise. In 2018 there was a 182% increase in the number of incidents over the previous year. New York was listed as one of the states with the highest amount of white supremacist recruitment activity taking place.

In this case, two citizens decided that hate was not wanted in their town and decided to take matters into their own hands. Authorities say there isn't much they can do about signs being anonymously posted on public streets, but they suggest you call the local police if you have concerns over any hate-filled messages being shared in your community.

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