A local animal rescue is doing what they can to help a pregnant pup in need.

Dog Left Abandoned in Newburgh, New York

On Facebook local rescue Take Me Home Pet Rescue shared a heartbreaking story of their latest rescue.   In a Facebook post they explain that a dog named Wilma was "dumped out of a U-Haul" in Newburgh, New York.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Facebook
Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Facebook

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan saw Wilma and brought her to safety at Take Me Home Pet Rescue. While at the rescue Wilma was set to get checked out by a vet and then spayed however, when it came time for Wilma's Spay Day, they learned surprising new info about the pup.

Abandoned Newburgh, NY Dog Pregnant with Pups

In the statement released to Take Me Home Pet Rescue's Facebook page they explain a surprising discover that was made on Wilma's spay day. They write "Today was supposed to be her spay day but, right before surgery, they realized that she is pregnant."

With this news, the rescue had a quick and difficult decision to make. TMH explains:

We were given the decision (which we had to make within a matter of minutes) to abort the pregnancy or take on mama Wilma and her unborn babies.


The rescue "chose not to abort the babies" and will "give Wilma the care and love she needs during her pregnancy, help her have her babies, and find them all homes once they’re of age."

Help Take Me Home Pet Rescue During Wilma's Pregnancy

As we know, many of our local Hudson Valley rescues rely on donations from the community to give these animal a safe and healthy environment to live in before they find their forever home.

Wilma will stay with TMH throughout her pregnancy, and as they state they need help. Due to the fact that she is pregnant, Wilma will need extra vetting "multiple items to facilitate the birthing process, multiple items to keep the babies safe and comfortable when they are born" and of course the puppies will need vetting when they are born.

So Take Me Home has created an Amazon Wish List of the products they need to help Wilma along, you can learn more about the products and how to donate at the Amazon website and directly at TMHPetRescue.com.  TMH can be found on Pay Pal at Tmhpetrescue@gmail.com or on Venmo:Tmhpetrescue@take me home pet rescue.

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