We're pretty passionate about our pizza in New York and the roots of that passion runs deep in Poughkeepsie.

Don't get us started on the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut pizza debate (New York is better, let's be real here). But at the end of the day, pizza places are like opinions, they're everywhere and everyone has their go-to.

But some pizzerias hold a special place in our hearts, especially when they're known as The Hudson Valley's first pizzeria.

Poughkeepsie, NY's Aloy's Italian Restaurant One of The Oldest Pizzerias in America

Last week the website 247tempo.com did a deep dive into the oldest pizzerias in America. The list of 15 historic pizza places includes John's on Bleecker, Patsy's (which has a newer location in Wappingers Falls) and Lombardi's all in New York City.

And to my surprise, there was a Hudson Valley location that made the list.  A famous Poughkeepsie pizzeria came in at #9, opening their doors in 1929 was Aloy's Italian Restaurant on Garden Street.

24/7 Tempo writes:

Joseph and Annal Aloy opened their eponymous restaurant — the Hudson Valley’s first pizzeria — the year of the stock market crash (which presaged the Great Depression), primarily to feed local railroad workers.

They go on to add that the pizzeria later "evolved into Aloy’s Garden Restaurant, and by the 1950s had added a full range of other Italian specialties to the menu, but it remained known for its pizzas."

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Staying True to Their Roots,  Aloy's Keeps Family Tradition Alive

Aloy's pizzas are infamously thin-crusted and, instead of the traditional triangle shape, are square. According to 24/7 Tempo in 2001 when Chef Chris DiLeo bought Aloy's "he reportedly had to sign a contract vowing never to reveal the secrets of the pizza crust or sauce."

Aloy's Italian Restaurant, Facebook
Aloy's Italian Restaurant, Facebook

Rightfully so! You can't mess with perfection. And it's working. One Yelp review states "The food is to die for and is always fresh. You will not find yourself leaving here disappointed! If you're looking at these reviews to see if you should give this place a try, you 100% should!"

Aloy's Italian Restaurant (at 157 Garden Street in Poughkeepsie) is open Wednesday through Thursday from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m., Friday through Saturday from 3 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., and Sunday from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.

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