Over the last few weeks, you might have heard about the state-wide lifeguard shortage. We have even shared information with you about current job openings, and what it takes to become a certified lifeguard. So, have you taken the next step?

There are many places that have said they would be increasing how much they pay their hourly lifeguards, and a few (the NYS Parks system) that said that there are even a few housing potential as well. Thinking about getting a lifeguard job in the Hudson Valley? Who's hiring?

What lifeguard positions are open in Poughkeepsie, NY and what do they pay?

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The lifeguard positions that are open in the City of Poughkeepsie, include hourly positions, managerial positions, and pool maintenance positions as well. Which parks are they looking to get employees at? The Pulaski Park and Spratt Park pools.

What is this about a hiring bonus as well for City of Poughkeepsie lifeguards?

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Yes, there is a hiring bonus that is $500. Persons who work the entire summer will earn the bonus, plus any pool worker who recommends a person that gets hired will also get another $500. For more info on the hiring bonus, and how it works, click here. 

So, how much is the hourly pay for Lifeguards in the City of Poughkeepsie, NY?

Photo by isi martínez on Unsplash
Photo by isi martínez on Unsplash

The salary for lifeguards at the City of Poughkeepsie pools is $16-$22, for pool managers, it is $20-$25 an hour and for pool attendants, it is $13 an hour. Lifeguards and pool managers do need to be CPR certified. For additional employment requirements and to apply for the jobs, you can click here. Good luck with your new job.

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