It could save your life.

Most people have the habit of wiping down a shopping carts handles before they push it around the store.

We do it mostly because we don't want the germs that were left behind by the last person that used the cart, anything I can do to avoid getting sick, but now Police are saying that there is another great reason to make sure you wipe down your cart.

According to News10, there is police department in Arkansas that has put out a warning to shoppers to not skip wiping down their grocery carts because they say that drugs such as fentanyl or a similar substances can enter into your system from contact with your hands.

The Leachville Police Department issued the warning to make sure that people understand the dangers of coming in contact with these type of drugs and that if you are exposed to fentanyl it can be extremely dangerous, especially for children.

So the next time you are set to go shopping with a cart, please take the extra few seconds to wipe the carts handles down with a wipe that can usually be found near the front of stores where the carts are usually located.

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