The NYPD has sent a cease and desist to the app Waze demanding they stop it now.

If you have a smartphone and use it for any kind of navigation, you most likely have the app Waze, which is a great directions app that gives all kinds of real-time traffic type updates including accidents, construction and of course police car locations.

According to WCBS, Waze is owned by the mega-company Google and they may have to change the way the alert app users of police locations through the app. All of the information on Waze is given by drivers that spot the problems on the road.

I have used Waze a ton of times and my favorite feature on the app is that I can see if there are any cop cars on my route. Whether they are parked waiting to catch speeders or if there is a checkpoint of any kind coming up.

The New York Police Department has requested legally, that Waze stop allowing users to posts about the locations of police DWI checkpoints because it is illegal and if anybody is caught doing it they could be charged in engaging in criminal conduct.

Google responded by saying, "Safety is a top priority when developing navigation features at Google. We believe that informing drivers about upcoming speed traps allows them to be more careful and make safer decisions when they're on the road."

The NYPD told WCBS that "they will continue to pursue all legal remedies to prevent the continued post of the DWI checkpoints, calling it irresponsible and dangerous information."

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