Would you be able to do something like this?

If you listen to the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do something each morning called "Feed the Beast". The beast is a big ol' wood chipper that needs to be "fed" every day with some of the stories we feel aren't even worth the paper they are printed on. So after we read you these ridiculous stories we shove them into the beast for the last time!

My "beast" entree today was about some person in Los Angeles who is offering to pay your rent in a three bedroom apartment in L.A. with a pretty nasty catch. The catch? You have to clip your roommate’s toenails, according to the Daily Dot.

The ad reads, “See, my toenails have reached such an extraordinary length that it is physically impossible for me to walk now, I need you, the applicant, to trim my toenails for me.”

I couldn't possible imagine having to cut anyone's anything for them. I don't think I could even cut someones hair..LOL. I have a hard enough time clipping my son Jackson's fingernails.

If you were giving the choice to live rent free, would you be willing to cut someones toenails for them? Call or text the show anytime through the Wolf app and turn us on at 97.7 or 97.3 for your comments and calls.

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