I'm knocking on wood when I say this, but we've had some pretty great weather this summer season. It's been hot, but not hot enough that I'm praying for fall to come sooner rather than later.

New York is known for it's fall foliage, especially here in the Hudson Valley. The city slickers flood the Valley during the fall to go apple and pumpkin picking and to take cute pictures of the foliage for their Instagram. Even though we're known for our apples, there's another delicious fruit you can be picking around the Hudson Valley during the later summer months.

Peaches are in season starting July 15th. Here in the Valley we have a ton of U-Pick farms with fresh delicious fruit ready for picking. One of my favorite places, Weed Orchard and Winery is ready for you to pick their peaches this weekend:

If you plan on stopping by, and happen to like hard cider, try their peach cider. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Are you Hudson Valley Peach Picker? Where do you go to get your fresh fruit? Barton Orchard and Pennings Farm are just a few places you can check out.

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