You are not alone out there if you Wolf App hasn't updated. We are getting to the bottom of the problem. It seems that some phones haven't been able to upload the latest version of the Wolf App including mine. No Worries we are working on it with the techy folks. If you have an IPhone the Wolf App has most likely already updated for you but if you are like me and have a Samsung you are probably still waiting.

If you haven't updated the Wolf App yet all you have to do is go to the App, then to your settings, then choose the latest update. For most people this results in the image for the App becoming the new 97.7 97.3 logo and you are all set. But if the image doesn't update no worries you still have the APP and can do everything on the APP you just don't have the latest image.

Hopefully we will be able to get me and you updated soon.

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