Goodbye Tinder, Bumble and any dating app you may be using. Make room for your refrigerator.

Or at least make your fridge presentable, because Samsung is hooking you up.

ABC7 NY is reporting that Samsung is working to help those who are single and not in relationships find love. Unfortunately you'll need one of their new high-tech products.

Samsung is releasing an app called "Refrigerdating." The app will work with Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator which is super fancy and has a touch screen door.

The point of the app is to see if anyone else matches or appreciates your taste in food. Users will be asked to take a picture of the contents of their refrigerator. They do say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach.

With that being said, why can't they just make an app that allows all refrigerators to date?

I can see my bio now, "I'm single. Show me your produce."

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