If you are thinking about applying for entrance into the college of your choice, would you want to apply to a college that said it didn't matter if you had taken the ACT or the SAT?

Or would you rather only apply to a college that says all students must take one or the other and submit the results with their application? There is one college in New York State that is saying don't bother taking either exam.

Which New York college is now saying that the ACT and the SAT are optional?


The college that is saying 'No More' to the requirement of having to submit either ACT or SAT scores along with your application is Vassar College, located in Poughkeepsie NY. To be fair, Vassar has made the testing requirement 'optional' since the COVID pandemic of 2020 for all future applicants.

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Why did Vassar College decide to make this testing optional policy permanent?


According to a press release, the President of Vassar College Elizabeth H. Bradley said that the decision to make this permanent was based on research,

"Studies have shown that test scores do not always accurately measure the qualities we are looking for in students. Standardized testing simply shows who is a good test taker."

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As a person who didn't do that great on their SATs but did pretty decently on their ACT's, I understand completely that not everyone is awesome at taking tests. Good for Vassar College, realizing that their future students really should be based more on who they are and what they bring to the learning table as opposed to a test score on a piece of paper.

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