Almost everyone loves dogs but not everyone loves cleaning up after them. An apartment complex in upstate New York is collecting the DNA of their tenant's dogs so they can determine who isn't cleaning up after their dog.

According to CBS Albany, residents who own dogs in the apartment complex of Iroquois Village in Niskayuna, New York may have to have their pet's DNA submitted into a database that would be able to to trace un-scooped poop back to the owner. The DNA will be gathered through a swab and the information will be stored in a database.

The plan comes from a massive build up of dog feces in the yard of the complex. Dog owners of the complex could be fined up to $300 for dog owners who neglect to take care of their poo piles.

Is the landlord taking this too far? Is this a step in the right direction? No one likes to step in dog doo doo.

Hopefully, we can start collecting DNA from dogs that walk on the rail trail next.

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