New York City is preparing for a big showing at the "Not My President" rally today and according to some sources there will be a rally in the Hudson Valley today as well.

Donald Trump Arrives In West Palm Beach For Presidents Day Weekend
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The Move Forward New York organization of the 19th Congressional District will be hosting the "Not My President" rally today at SUNY New Paltz starting at 2pm at the Jacobson Faculty Tower. If the title didn't give it away, the event is in opposition to current President Donald Trump. 

The rally, which is co-hosted by United University Professions and co-sponsored by the Women's March New Paltz, is billed as a family-friendly event with speakers such as Glenn Geher of Move Forward New York, Daniel Torres of the New Paltz Village Council, Ilgu Ozler of Amnesty International  and author of Organic Struggle Brian Obach.

According to the organization's website, they are encouraging people to bring cardboard boxes to help build a wall that they will later knock down and bring American flags to "let the world know that this is our country."

The event is setting up around noon and will finish around 2PM.

The Move Forward New York organization is described in their mission statement as a "citizen action group committed to promoting social justice, preserving civil rights, and ensuring environmental conservation by encouraging participation in the political process on all levels through education, collaboration, and activism."

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