I will say I'm happy to see that fitness is on top of mind for everyone. However, this is not the challenge I saw coming.

Listen, since this whole quarantine, social distancing thing became our new lifestyle, I've found the perfect running/at-home workout routine. And don't get me wrong I love seeing all of us coming together to stay healthy.

If you're on Instagram then you've probably seen the See 10, Do 10 Challenge. Someone will tag you in an IG story of a video of them doing push-ups. Then you're supposed to follow suit and post a video of yourself doing push-ups and tag 10 more friends.

Here's the deal. I have terrible push-up form and look like an idiot doing them. I took about 6 videos, all of which I was unimpressed with my push-up performance. So yes, I did 60 push-ups and didn't post a single one of them.

The only way I'm posting my push-ups is if Ryan Reynolds tags me in a video of him, shirtless, doing said push-ups.

"Free Guy" At New York Comic Con
Getty Images for Twentieth Centu

Yeah, if he tells me to do 10 push-ups I'll do 1,000.

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