The rapid result test will cost customers $50.

According to NBC 4, one New York City restaurant will soon require any guest that would like to dine inside to take a rapid covid-19 test before being allowed inside.

City Winery has announced that starting on Tuesday they will start conducting rapid covid-19 tests at the front of the eatery to assure other guest and employees that anyone who enters the restaurant has tested negative for the virus.

The winery claims to be the first restaurant in the United States to test every customer before they can come inside and the restaurants CEO Michael Dorf told NBC 4, that he hopes to "pioneer a new way for people to dine indoors as safely as possible and to help the business stay afloat."

Each test will be conducted by a certified practitioner and be done by using a shallow nasal swab. Every guest will have to take a test no matter the size of your party and will cost customers $50 per test. The $50 price tag may seem high, but I do know that I've personally had to take two rapid tests in the last few weeks and each time I went to the doctors office to take one it cost me $75 each time.

Dorf told NBC 4 that, "he hopes city governments and insurance companies could eventually pay for rapid testing as we all await the vaccine."

City Winery does have a location here in the Hudson Valley, at 23 Factory Street in Montgomery and we have reached out for a comment to see if their location will also require rapid testing before people can eat inside, but haven't heard back, when we do, we will update this article.

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