Dating is hard. Dating in a pandemic is near impossible. But we're figuring out ways around it.

Earlier this week we learned about new dating terms like "getting Fauci'd" where you break it off with someone because they aren't following COVID safety protocols. Other terms like Zumping (getting dumped on Zoom), Corona-ZONED (can't hangout with your new friend due to COVID rules and regulations) and FODA (Fear. Of. Dating. Again.) have all become an actual thing.

From personal experience trying to date in the Hudson Valley, during the pandemic and winter months, hasn't bee much fun at all. However, according to the statistics it should be looking up.

WalletHub.Com has collected some dating data and found that New York is a great spot to be lucky in love!

They went ahead and compared "27 key indicators of dating-friendliness" across all 50 state and set their data "ranges from the share of single adults to online-dating opportunities to COVID-19 restrictions."

WalletHub explains:

Once most people can get the COVID-19 vaccine, we should see more opportunities for dating in person across the U.S., and as always, cost will be a big factor. In states with low cost of living, for instance, your income might stretch a lot further, which means cheaper or more frequent dates. If you’re more financially stable, though, you might appreciate a state with more attractions to find new experiences for both you and your potential other half. Dating is also a numbers game, so a state with a higher proportion of single adults automatically improves your prospects.

New York came in at #5 as one of the best states to date in, in 2021 with a 62.19. Now, I'm sure a lot of that is based on NYC, but we all know the Hudson Valley is way more fun in the romance department.

Hikes, little towns, delicious food and beautiful ambiance, we have the city beat when it comes to romance.


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