It almost got past me, this weekend sports history continues to be made in horse racing. It seems with the world turning so fast I completely forgot the Kentucky Derby runs tomorrow. Moved from it's traditional first Saturday in May date, I almost overlooked one of my favorite sporting traditions. It may be due to the fact that my house has been nothing but Fedex Cup golf for two weeks but that is another story.

So here is the quick 411 for all us Derby junkies. Tiz the Law will be running. In case you missed the Belmont which was held in June. Tiz the Law was the winner and also made history by being the first New York Bred horse to win the Belmont Stakes since 1882 when Forester took the honor. Tiz the Law is a 6-5 favorite as of this morning (9-4-2020) to win this weekend's match. He will be in a field of 16 and 3 of which ran with him in New York in June.

The 2020 Triple Crown is going to be one for the recorded books starting with the fact that the races are out of order. The Belmont Stakes, usually the last race of the series, ran on June 20th with a shorten distance so it became the first race run. The Kentucky Derby has always been the first of the three races. The Preakness which usually runs between the Derby and the Belmont has now become the last race. It will be Saturday October 3, 2020. The Preakness will now also be the race that crowns the Triple Crown winner if Tiz the Law can sweep the series.

Coverage for the race begins at 2:30 PM on NBC post time is 6:50 PM. TV will be the only place you can watch the race. Like the Belmont Stakes, The Kentucky Derby will be run without fans in the stands. Churchill Downs made the announcement back on August 21, 2020 that due to the COVID-19 outbreak and a spike in cases in the region they had to cancel their plans to have fans at the track. Ticket holders can expect a full refund.

Tiz the Law at Belmont Stakes

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