After 3 years it appears that a new Dunkin' drive-thru location will soon occupy a busy intersection in West Hurley, New York.

Back on August 31st, 2020, the Town of Hurley's Planning Board received plans from a real estate developing company that stated they were interested in building a new Dunkin' drive-thru coffee shop at the corner of Route 28 and 375.

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Google Maps

New Dunkin' in West Hurley, New York

After 3 years of back and forth between developers and the town planning board, the Town of Hurley has officially announced on its website that they have granted a "conditional approval" for the construction of a brand new Dunkin' coffee shop. The new location will give commuters and residents in the area a new coffee option that many have been asking for. The town voted 5-0 on the proposed site with three members absent at the special meeting that took place Wednesday (8/30) morning.

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Google Maps

Traffic Concerns on Route 28

The approval has some residents and town officials worried about the increase in traffic the new shop will provide. The traffic concern isn't a new one, just two years ago the Planning Board "voted to disapprove this Project...due to concerns about the traffic and the potential for harm to the public should an accident occur at or near the intersection of Route 28 and Route 375."

The concerns about traffic and safety at the intersection became such a "sticking point" that developers were forced to bring their case to court to try and resolve it. On July 6th, 2023 a panel of appellate judges ruled that the developers "adequately addressed the traffic-related concerns and that, after the issuance of the court’s order, the Planning Board could not continue to review traffic-related concerns in connection with the Project."

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The Planning Board did express that its views haven't changed about traffic and safety but despite its continued concerns and reservations it "recognized and understood its legal duty to abide by the law, and to follow and implement as best it could the holdings of both the State Supreme Court and the Appellate Division."

When Will Construction Start?

The Planning Board pointed out numerous conditions the developer must meet before the town's building department will sign off on the site's building permit. Before the resolution was approved developers were required to make a few changes to the plans including removing a portion that reads "Food items, such as donuts, bagels, rolls, etc., will not be baked on the Property."

The town didn't say when construction of the 900-square-foot building would begin but when it's announced we will update this article.

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