These are the things we should do what we can to avoid while out to eat.

After doing a bunch of research by bothering my friends that work in the restaurant industry. I talked to 5 different chefs and 2 waitresses and asked what are some of the things we should never order at a restaurant.

Here is what we came up with:

Hollandaise Sauce. The stuff most of us put on eggs benedict is a no go. Why? Because of bacteria and the fact that it grows in it especially if it's not put away properly.

Never order sushi on a Monday because most places get there shipment on Thursday or Friday so by Monday you're eating older fish.

Almost all of the people I talked to said never, EVER, order the Daily Special anywhere, because it's usually old food that's close to going bad and the restaurant just wants to get rid of it.

If you are a salad person, you need to be careful of salad bars and even regular salads because sometimes salads and lettuce aren't washed properly and most times are handled by several people and some places have the waiter or waitress make the salads in the kitchen and most don't wear gloves when they make them.

If you go to an all day restaurant, you should never order soup past 4 p.m. because it's been sitting there all day.

Lastly one of the things I always do is always drink the water or any drink with a straw because many restaurants want you to think their glasses are clean but most times they get washed improperly. So if you see smudges on a glass, usually it means it hasn't washed properly and sometimes not washed at all.

Sorry if I just ruined your dinner plans, but I'm just looking out for ya!!!

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