Every Spring I set out to grow plants from seed. In the past I have attempted pumpkins and other types of squash including watermelon. One or two year I was successful. This year with the extra time we seem to have on our hand thanks to the COVID 19 virus cancelling most of our plans I thought I would try my hand at growing a few type of plants that I would usually buy at the farm green house. I picked Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint.

Two weeks in and so far I have some containers of dirt with what I believe may be a few sprouts. I am thinking I may have needed some guidance. I haven't given up yet but if they don't start growing soon they may be on pace for my 2021 garden.

Today on Facebook I found a really cool grow chart that Adam's Fairacre Farms posted. I probably should have consulted this chart before I began my seedling project. The good news is I still have time to plant pumpkins. And if my other seeds don't grow I can always just head out and get the plants. I won't need the peppermint though, when my neighbor found out what I was doing she left a pile of plants from her garden on my porch.

Hopefully mine will grow like this.

Peppermint Plants

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