The holidays are here and the annual pet photos with Santa are back on the agenda. I don't have a complete official statistic, but I would guess the number of Pets being photographed with Santa each has increased now that more people have pets since the pandemic.

Getting your kids photographed with Santa has been a long-time tradition. Having your pet photographed with Santa has become a big tradition as well. May animal shelters use it as a fundraiser each year.

Why Are Pets Photos with Santa Being Canceled in the Hudson Valley

Sadly this year many of those events are being canceled due to a mysterious illness that is showing up in dogs all over the United States. Last week, Crate Escape Rescue Inc. canceled its event due to this new canine virus outbreak.

Dog lying on the floor in a house near a Christmas tree with gifts

Unfortunately, word has now come down from Adams Fairacre Farms that they will be canceling pet photos with Santa due to the outbreak. They had Santa scheduled for this weekend and next to meet up with your pet.

Adams Fairacre Farms Cancels Santa Pet Photos

We're deeply saddened to share that this year's Official Pet Photos with Santa event in Kingston has been canceled. The health and safety of our beloved fur babies come first and with that, we and the Nothing But Love Canine Foundation had to make the tough decision to hold off on the pet festivities due to the highly contagious respiratory illness that is currently spreading among dogs. It wasn't an easy decision and trust us, this is not the post we wanted to make today, but we believe it's essential to prioritize the well-being of our four-legged friends. (Adams Fairacre Farms, Inc, via Facebook)

Adams expressed its apologies and hoped that the customers with pets who were hoping to grab a memory with their pet and Santa understood the decision.

Adams Stores Welcome Santa but Cancel Pet Photos due to Contagious Canine Virus

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What is the Illness that is Spreading in Dogs

NBC News helped give more information about this mysterious dog illness in a broadcast on Monday night.

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