I know what I will be having on Tuesday for lunch or possibly dinner but I most likely will be paying full price. This Tuesday November 6th is National Nacho Day. First created around 1943, Nachos are of Mexican origin and are usually considered a snack. However, with the amount of toppings you can now get on a plate of Nachos I really feel they qualify as a meal. There is even a Nacho salad that makes you feel as if you are eating healthy.

The key to a good plate of Nachos is the cheese to chip ratio with the right portions of sour cream, guacamole, black olives, jalapenos and salsa served covering the top. Adding favorites like chicken beef or even seafood of some sort just adds to the idea that Nachos is a snack that could be a meal.

To celebrate National Nacho Day I say head to your favorite restaurant most likely they have them on the meni. If not here are a few places I have been to that serve killer Nachos.

Mole Mole - Poughkeepsie/Kingston

According to the National Days Calendar they aren't quite sure who is responsible or how the corn chip and it's melted cheese with topping got to have it's own National Nacho Day but honestly whose complaining. So celebrate on Tuesday with your favorite form of nachos and remember to share a picture before you dive in with #NationalNachosDay

As of this post I haven't been able to find any Nacho discounts in the Hudson Valley for Tuesday but if that changes I will pass along the information.

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