Ever since we got lock down last year with the COVID 19 pandemic I have wanted to get somethings done around my house and now I feel like I have run out of time. I had so many big plans and now I look around and realize time is up and I haven't finished anything I set out to do.

Simon Potter

I had big dreams last year of getting some painting done inside my house. I really need to get the bathroom wallpaper down and get a coat of paint on the walls. The bathroom is so small it could be done in a weekend but It has taken me a year just to rip down the paper that is peeling.


Work is what has been keeping me busy but to be honest I probably really need to clean up the paper work at home. How do I end up with so much paperwork when I pay almost everything online. Truth be told some of what is piled up is paperwork from more than 10 years ago. I have a shredder and I try to do a box a week but I slacked off over the winter and now the tower of paperwork seems to have multiplied.


I also got lazy with my clothes this past year. I barely went shopping for anything much less clothes so needless to say I have a lot of clothes that should not even be donated they are so thread bare they need to just be pitched out. I also have a lot of clothes that are way to fancy for everyday where and tear. I think it is time to sort the closet.


That goes for shoes too. I seem to have either very summery shoes or shoes you wear in the dead of winter. I also have a pair of shoes that look like the sneakers above. Why do we keep shoes like this? Is it because they are wrecked but they are so well broken in?


And, finally The one thing I have to do first this Spring is clean up the garage. It is not going to be easy but it didn't get done last summer which means there is 2 years worth of "put that in the garage" stuff piled on top of each other. Plus, after finding my Halloween decorations under water last year I realized I may have a leak in the roof. So I am definitely moving clean out garage to the front of the list.


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