I hope like me you are lucky enough to have a backyard. Growing my backyard was one of my favorite places to go when I was outside. Being in the backyard always made me feel like I was far away but obviously close to home.

I grew up moving around from army base to army base so backyards were mostly grills, lawn chairs and grass. Some people had swing sets, some even had a trampoline. My parents kept it simple just some lawn chairs and a picnic table. This is probably why as an adult I am so wanting one of those dream backyards you see in a magazine.

Amazing Backyard with Fire Pit

Even as a kid with just a few things hanging around in the yard I would let my imagination fly. I remember the first time I got to sleep in the backyard in a tent. I acted as if I had gone trekking into the mountains. Of course, it was convenient to be so close to the house when I got hungry in the middle of the night and want to go to the frig and the bathroom.

House Exterior with swimming pool

That brings me to the dream backyard. I really would like to have an outdoor kitchen and one of those fancy sit-around firepits in my backyard. I would even find a place to put in a small pool with a built-in hot tub. The problem isn't the want it's that cost. I realized when I was done remodeling my backyard to the specs I had drawn out my yard would have more amenities than my house.

The other issue is the weather. If you live in a place with little rain like Arizona or your climate is warm enough you don't get snow you can plan a $20,000 backyard renovation. I think the first time I saw my multi-thousand outdoor kitchen under two feet of snow I would realize my parents got it right. Just keep it simple.

So I will and this Friday for National Backyard Day I am just going to be grateful I have a backyard and if the weather permits I am going to spend some time in it.


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